'Original Doll' - 16 new lipglosses

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2014 at 11:40 AM

Hi everyone!

A while ago I posted my very first Britney Spears Sim and some of you suggested that I should upload the lipstick on the facemasks as a seperate lipstick, because it was very glossy and shiny and pretty. So I did: I bring you the Original Doll lipgloss collection, comes in sixteen colors;

Each of these colors represent a special inspired era in Britneys' career, some are a bit more mature, some are darker and some are fun and bright.

Crazy: Very colorful, fun and bright colors, like Britney wore in her late 90 videos.
Blackout : Expressive, dark, and mysterious colors like Britney wore in her darker blackout days.
Circus : Bright, sweet and angelic colors, like Britney wore in her comeback 'Circus' era
Femme Fatale : Nude, light and mature colors like Britney wore in her Femme Fatale era

All colors are included in the same .package file, so you won't have to find each era in a different file. It was just a fun reference.
The Britney sim on the picture has photoshopped hair, but the real version is shorter and can be found here

Happy simming!

Additional Credits:
Chain Reaction & Aphrodite for the hair pictured, you all for inspiring me to create this set.