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Outfit Tools - Copy Any Outfit v4

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February 06, 2020 - Scumbumbo has passed on but his work and memories are still being kept alive by many of those whose lives he has touched. To download fixes for his mods, please check https://scumbumbomods.com/ and please direct any questions or concerns to the discord channel linked there.
Uploaded: 18th Nov 2014 at 8:24 AM
Updated: 14th Nov 2018 at 1:31 AM - Version 4 updated for 1.47.49 game patch
Updated November 13, 2018 - Updated for compatibility with November 13, 2018 game patch (1.47.49).

Updated August 7, 2018: - Some of the command options have changed, so be sure to read the update notes! Be sure to remove any old copies of the mod when you update! All older versions of the mod have been removed and are no longer supported.
  • Trouble with duplicate outfit IDs. At some point the game or another mod had a bug that may have caused outfits on your Sims to share outfit IDs. This doesn't affect game play at all, but when copying outfits it can cause issues with multiple outfits being overwritten. Two new commands have been added to the mod to scan for and correct these issues.
    • outfit.checkids - Checks all the outfit IDs on every Sim in the currently loaded game for any problems. If problems are identified a list of affected Sims will be displayed. You can add an optional argument to the command, outfit.checkids detail to see a detailed list of what outfit IDs are shared between what Sims and outfits.
    • outfit.fixids - Fixes the outfit IDs for any Sims with the duplicate IDs. This is done carefully by saving any old outfit parts, generating a new outfit for the affected slot, and then restoring those saved outfit parts, resulting in a fresh outfit with all the parts that were in the original outfit.
    • Unfortunately it is not possible to automatically restore outfits that have been clobbered by previous copy attempts or by the game itself (MC Command Center's closet feature DOES NOT use the same method and won't clobber outfits unlike what I previously stated). If you have an old save game that has proper outfits for a Sim that you want to use for a restoration, you can attempt the following:
      1. Load the save game that has proper outfits.
      2. Switch to a Sim that has clobbered outfits that are good in this save.
      3. Run the outfit.backup command. This will store a binary copy of all of that Sim's outfits in a file in the same folder as the mod.
      4. Repeat steps 2-3 for each affected Sim.
      5. Load the save game that has clobbered outfits.
      6. Switch to a Sim that you have backed up the outfits for above.
      7. Run the outfit.restore command to load the outfits saved in step 2. You will receive a warning the first time you run this command. Read it! It is important or I wouldn't have it do that. After the warning, repeat the command to complete the process. The warning will be skipped for any other Sims you restore outfits for.
      8. Repeat steps 6-7 for each affected Sim.
      9. Important After the above process, be sure to run the outfit.checkids command followed by outfit.fixids to fix those restored outfits as the old save game likely has the duplicate outfit IDs!
  • Changes to the outfit copy command:
    • A minimal check of just the destination Sim will be performed prior to overwriting the outfit to ensure that the duplicate outfit ID bug will not cause issues. If the Sim has duplicate IDs that would cause outfits to get clobbered an error will be issued and the command will not overwrite the outfits.
    • Hot and cold weather outfits are now recognized. The abbreviations "ho" for "hotweather" and "co" for "coldweather" may be used. For example, outfit.copy ev 3 co 1 would copy the current Sim's everyday slot 3 outfit over their cold weather slot 1 outfit.
    • UNTESTED: Including hair in the copy process will also copy the fur outfit part. This should work, but as I don't have the Cats and Dogs expansion I can't test it.
    • UNTESTED: Ears and tails are included in the outfit copy process.
  • The outfit.new command now takes an optional slot number for the new outfit to be generated. If you are generating a new outfit for a Sim by name (not the selected Sim) then you MUST supply that slot number. For example, outfit.new ev 3 steve dallas would create a new everyday outfit in slot 3 for the Sim named Steve Dallas.
  • The reset.bathing command has been rewritten to be more careful and complete. This should solve the issues with some Sims not getting accessories such as tights removed from their bathing outfits. It is strongly suggested that you run the outfit.checkids test prior to running the bathing fix. And of course you should use the batch outfit fix from Sims 4 Studio prior to even attempting to use the bathing outfit fix in game.

Outfit Tools - Copy Any Outfit

This mod creates three new commands to the cheat console for managing outfits.

The first, "outfit.copy", will allow you to copy any outfit over any other outfit. The source or destination outfit can be any existing outfit in any cateogry including career and bathing outfits. You can use the copy command to copy your sim's career outfit to an everyday slot, modify the outfit as you see fit in CAS, and then copy it back over the original career outfit. Even the bathing outfit (nude) can be copied over the career outfit, or vice-versa.

The outfit must already exist, so if you only have two everyday outfit, you cannot copy an outfit to everyday slot three - you would need to add a new everyday outfit first prior to copying. The script will test that the destination outfit exists and display an error if the copy could not be performed. This command can only be used on the currently selected sim.

The second command is useful for sims you see on the street that you just don't like their outfit. The "outfit.new" command will allow you generate a new random outfit for any sim by name.

For both commands, once the change is successful, the sim will immediately change into the new outfit.

A third command has been added in version 2a: "fix.bathing" (or reset.bathing, whichever is easier for you to remember). This command will reset all sims bathing outfits quickly and easily. This is useful in the event that an invalid clothing item has caused sims to start bathing in clothes. Note: Be sure to fix any invalid custom content items that cause this issue before reseting all sims bathing outfits, otherwise this will not work! The Sims 4 Studio has a feature to fix the invalid CC items automatically. Once the invalid items are fixed in your mods folder, only then use this command to fix the invalid outfits in game.

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! This mod has been extensively tested and for version 2 it was necessary to entirely rewrite the outfit copy process to be much safer than the old version. You can produce undesireable results if you do certain things, but nothing that you can't fix after the fact. For instance, if you copy an outfit from a child to an adult, or vice-versa, you will produce a hideous monster as the clothes won't fit right. Copying outfits between sims of different genders can cause odd results (typically a broken neck, not fatal but ugly) as well, although often the results can be quite satisfactory.

As this is a script mod, the script mod option must be enabled in the game.

First press CTRL-SHIFT-C to open the command console.

For the copy command, use "outfit.copy" followed by the source outfit type and number, and the destination outfit type and number. You can use just the first letter (or two letters for SLeep or SWimwear) of the outfit type if you wish. The destination slot should be from 1 to 5 and must already exist.

Version 2 of the mod also adds the ability to include a "to" target to copy an outfit from your current sim, or a "from" target to copy an outfit from another sim to your current sim. By default, only the basic clothing portions (tops, bottoms, shoes, socks, hats, jewelrey, etc.) of the outfit will be copied; however, you can add additional options to copy hair, makeup and/or tattoos. See the examples further below.

Note that a sim's career outfits get regenerated at various levels of a career path, so your career outfit might change later. This is a feature, not a bug.

The valid outfit types are:
  • Everyday
  • Formal
  • Athletic
  • SLeep
  • Party
  • SWimwear
  • Bathing
  • Career

For the new random outfit command, use "outfit.new" followed by the outfit type from above and an optional first and last name. If the name is omitted, the new outfit will be generated on the currently selected sim. Only the first outfit of a category can be randomized, but this is fine as it's designed for use on townies who only have one outfit in each category.

Note that the bathing outfit CANNOT be randomized - the game does not support it.

*PHEW* - so how about some examples to make things thoroughly clear?

Example 1 - Editing a Career Outfit
outfit.copy career 1 everyday 1 - This would copy the career outfit over the first everyday outfit. The everyday outfit can then be edited in CAS, and then...

outfit.copy everyday 1 career 1 - This command would copy the first everyday outfit over the career outfit.

Example 2 - The Naturist
outfit.copy b 1 e 1 - This would copy the bathing outfit (nude sim) over the first everyday outfit slot. This can then be repeated for each outfit category, e.g.

outfit.copy b 1 f 1 - To copy the bathing outfit over the first formal outfit slot.
outfit.copy b 1 c 1 - To copy the bathing outfit over the career outfit.

**NOTE** I've had it happen where the program states that the bathing outfit does not exist. This sometimes happens when a game has been freshly loaded. Just send that sim into the shower and back out and you can try again. If you copy over the bathing outfit, it DOES save that with the sim.

Example 3 - Use The First Two Letters for The "S" Words
outfit.copy sw 3 sl 1 - This command would copy the third swimwear outfit over the first sleep outfit.

Example 4 - New Townie Outfit
outfit.new a ben folds - This would generate a new athletic outfit for the townie named Ben Folds.

That's the basics. Version 2 adds some new features:

Example 5 - Copying an Outfit To or From Another Sim
outfit.copy e 3 to bella goth f 1 - This would copy the current sim's third everyday outfit to Bella Goth's first formal outfit.
outfit.copy c 1 from don lothario sw 1 - This would copy Don Lothario's first swimwear outfit to the current sim's career outfit.

Example 6 - Including Hair, Makeup or Tattoos
This works with both the basic copy command, and the extended "to/from" copy. The hair, makeup and tattoo options can be abbreviated to just the first letter.
outfit.copy e 1 f 2 include makeup - This would copy the current sim's first everyday outfit to their second formal outfit, including makeup but not hair or tattoos.
outfit.copy f 3 p 2 include t - This would copy from the third formal outfit to the second party outfit, including any tattoos.
outfit.copy b 1 to don lothario e 1 include h - This would copy the current sim's bathing (nude) outfit to Don Lothario's first everday outfit, including the hairstyle, facial hair, and eyebrows.
outfit.copy e 1 from bella goth e 1 include h m t - This would copy Bella Goth's first everyday outfit to the current sim including her hair, makeup and tattoos.

Installation and Compatibility

Extract the MTS_Scumbumbo_OutfitTools_v3.ts4script file from the zip file download and place it into your Mods folder. It may be placed in a subfolder if you wish, but scripts may not be placed in a sub-sub folder. For instance, the script can be placed in Mods/Scumbumbo but not Mods/Scumbumbo/ScriptMods.

As this is a script mod, you must have scripts enabled in your game options!

The script was written for The Sims 4 version 1.47.49 (November 13, 2018 game patch) but should work with newer versions.

The script source is included in the ts4script file. Since this is a new command added to the game, it should not conflict with any other mods.

Additional Credits
  • The folks at Mod The Sims for hosting my mods. If you like this mod, DONATE to help keep the site going!
  • A big thanks to Deaderpool for figuring out the methods of accessing the game outfits after the Dec 4, 2015 game patch and sharing that info!