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Glasses Category Fixes

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2015 at 1:17 AM
Updated: 28th Feb 2019 at 6:19 PM
When TS4 was first released Sims could not wear glasses in any clothing category other than Everyday without clearing the filters.
This was then corrected in a subsequent patch but EA went a bit overboard and enabled glasses for ALL categories including Sleepwear!
As a result this meant that random Townies could wind up wearing glasses to bed which, as a wearer of glasses myself, looks odd and is rather uncomfortable.

Sunglasses were treated slightly differently and were relegated to Everyday, Party, and Swimwear only. Except for a few pairs which slipped through the net and were also enabled for Formal wear.
Sunglasses don't always look bad with formal attire but when left to the game engine to decide what they look good with, the results are never usually pretty.

This file recategorises the affected glasses from ALL DLC packs to be in the correct categories in CAS and prevent Townies from wearing them incorrectly.

This file overrides the CASP resources for all affected glasses, including those for children.
Regular glasses can now be found in every clothing category EXCEPT for Sleep and Swim.
Sunglasses can now be found in every category EXCEPT for Athletic, Formal, Sleep and Cold Weather.
I have also made slight corrections to the colour tags for those of you that make use of that feature.

To install, simply extract the attached .zip and place in your mods folder.
Created with game version (StrangerVille patch)

Updated 28-02-2019
This file will make the game display the official glasses with the CC wrench icon. There is nothing I can do about this. (I personally use the CC wrench hider mod by orangemittens )
If you do not own a certain DLC, the game should just ignore it. You should not see blank entries in CAS or content that you do not own.
Any Sim you create in CAS can still wear any glasses you like for any category. You simply have to clear the filters first.
Any Townies already wearing glasses in an incorrect category will need to be manually edited.

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