Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

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Uploaded: 15th Feb 2015 at 2:33 AM
I love the default items in The Sims 4, but I always encountered the same problems: the items wouldn't match and my rooms ultimately ended up looking the same. I decided I couldn't handle it any longer and set about remaking the textures to allow for a more "mix and match" style.

I had a look through the bedroom items and picked out some things I often use (in the bedroom, funnily enough). The items I used are:
- Mod Pod Twin Sleeper (Single bed)
- Mod Pod Sleeper (Double bed, I think Maxis got the names mixed up)
- Simplicity Nightstand
- Zes Horizontal Dresser
- Hvit Armoire

I've created solid white, light wood, medium wood and dark wood versions of these items. All of the colour variants of the dressers, armoires and nightstands have been included in each variation too. The bedding for each wood style remain the original Maxis versions.

There are four zip files included in the Downloads tab. Each file contains the colour style for these five items and it is perfectly safe to have all of them in your game at the same time. Currently you can't use the in-game style changer to change the colours, so if you decide you want to change a dresser from red colour to a blue colour, you will need to delete the red and purchase a blue. They will not override the original Maxis content and you will see 5 different thumbnails (if you have all the sets installed) in your catalogue. I've renamed the item to have what style it is at the start to minimise confusion.

Hopefully someone else will find these as useful as I have been! Enjoy and have an amzing day!

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Maxis (for the textures I lifted and placed elsewhere).