Pride Bracelets for Male Sims (Leather Braided Bracelet Recolours)

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Uploaded 27th Mar 2015 at 12:10 PM

A set of seventeen recolours of the leather braided bracelet for teen-elder males, matching the ones I made for females found here. I will be making a set for child Sims soon.

Agender (Black, Grey, White and Green)
Aromantic (Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow, Grey and Black)
Asexual (Black, Grey, White and Purple)
Bisexual (Pink, Purple and Blue)
Demiboy (Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue and White)
Demigirl (Dark Grey, Light Grey, Pink, White)
Genderfluid (Pink, White, Purple, Black and Blue)
Genderqueer (Green, White and Purple)
Intersex (Yellow and Purple)
Non-binary (Yellow, White, Purple, Black)
Pansexual (Pink, Yellow and Blue)
Polyamory (Blue, Red and Black)
Polysexual (Pink, Green and Blue)
Rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple)
Transgender v.1 (Blue, Pink and White)
Transgender v.2* (Pink, Light Purple, Purple, Dark Purple and Blue)
*Note that I made two versions of this one, one that accentuates the pink and blue and one that accentuates the purples, because while recolouring I wasn't sure how to organize the colours for this one. They're both in the same package as different swatches.

Hamish is seen wearing the rainbow bracelet here.

They appear as a standalone CAS item under Accessories > Bracelets with custom thumbnails. Enabled for every category and hopefully properly classified. For teen-elder male Sims.

I'm not here to argue about the validity of certain identities. Several of these were requests from friends, and many of these flags aren't necessarily widely used. If you have an variant flag design or another one you'd like to see please feel free to let me know!

Additional Credits:
Created using Sims 4 Studio 2.4. Recoloured with Photoshop.

Accessory Type: Bracelets
Age: Teen Young Adult Adult Elder
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Gender: Male

Tags: #lgbt, #lgbtq, #lgbtqa, #lgbtq+, #pride, #agender, #aromantic, #asexual, #bisexual, #demiboy, #demigirl, #genderfluid, #genderqueer, #intersex, #non-binary, #nonbinary, #pansexual, #polyamory, #polyamorous, #polysexual, #rainbow, #gay, #lesbian, #homosexual, #transgender, #trans, #queer