More Polish Names

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Uploaded: 15th Apr 2015 at 12:18 AM
Updated: 12th Apr 2021 at 9:31 PM
Mod works with last game update (March 2021) and it is updated for cats and dogs names and the natives from Selvadorada (Jungle Adventure game pack).

Names for townies in Polish version of the game still occurs. This mod adds new names for townies and to the CAS randomizer. It contains:
-335 female first names
-304 male first names
-501 last names

This mod change the following files and will conflict with any mod that also change these files:
0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0x784760DD00959DFA (xml)
0x545AC67A-0x006CA304-0x7036FF3703847744 (data)

Specjal thanks
Specjal thanks for Neia (creator of more french names mod) for help and advices!
And special thanks for Pawlq for help with update for Cats & dogs and Jungle Adventure!

Additional Credits:
S4PE by Kuree
Sims4DataTool by Velocitygrass