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Faster, Responsive Speed

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Uploaded: 25th May 2015 at 2:55 AM
Updated: 29th May 2015 at 12:50 PM
Faster, Responsive Speed aka Faster Speed 3 v2 which is a replacement for that mod, speeds up the ultra speed! However unlike that mod, Faster, Responsive Speed tries to speed up gameplay while minimizing time rolling backwards. What this mod does is that the less sims on the lot and surrounding area, the faster time runs. However when more sims are loaded, time slows down to accommodate more sims.

What this mod modifies is how fast time passes by, for example without this mod an hour would go by in 8 seconds, but with this mod and one sim an hour would pass by in 4 seconds. However if there are 20 sims on the lot an hour would go by in 15 seconds.

Regular version: Use this if your computer is fast and can handle lots of sims at a fast speed.
Slow version: Use this if your game still rollbacks in time on community lots after trying the Regular version.

Made with version 1.7.65

Will conflict with any mod that modifies clock.py

v1.0 Release

I've tested pretty extensively in my game, but if time keeps rolling back for you comment in the comments section.

Suggested Mod:
I'd suggest my Less Walkbys mod as it reduces the amount of sims walking past your house, therefore the speed gains will be increased

Additional Credits:
Aren and Scumbumbo for helping me with this mod a lot. Major kudos to both of them.
Kuree for S4pe
velocitygrass for Sims4xmlextractor