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Portable EA easels with live drag mode enabled. Update. Lighter version to avoid conflicts

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Uploaded: 17th Jun 2015 at 1:52 AM
Updated: 20th Jun 2015 at 12:33 AM
Hello everyone. Your sims go on vacation and want to paint with portability ? These meshes override are for you.

I have tuned all the EA easels so they can go to sims inventory and sims can carry them to their vacation so its perfect for your traveling sims.

Update 19-06-2015

I remove some unnecesary files from the packages and now the easels appear with the corresponding languaje for non-english users. Just replace the new files in the mods folder

You need to unlock the locked easels the natural way. But all are portable.

The portable easels are from left to right:

E.A.S.I easel, preowned easel, easy breezy easel and Deluxe easel all in their original colors.

One feature of these easels its that if you have cloned an EA easel (one of this four) and you have installed in your mods folders one of this overrides, your easel will become automatically portable!!. The only extra thing you need to do is to enable the live drag mode in your package (click and drag the easel from and into the inventory like the seeds or instruments). How do you do that? Just open your package in s4pe and add 0x7EB4DE51 to the list of Components in the OBJD resource for the object using the grid view in s4pe. And your easel will become portable and livedrag enabled.


This mod was written and tested on Windows for The Sims 4 version It may be compatible with earlier versions of the game, and it may not. I suggest getting those patches from EA!

This meshes override some tuning resources, this will conflict with any mods that modified this tuning resources:

object_paintEaselGEN_01 ID:34819
object_paintEaselRWPainterHigh_01 ID: 34821
object_paintEaselRWPainterMed_01 ID: 34822
object_paintEaselRWPainterAntique_01 ID: 34820

ObjectOBJD instancesXML Tuning instance
Deluxe easel0x0000000000007141, 0x0000000000007142, 0x00000000000071430x0000000000008805
E.A.S.I easel0x000000000000301B, 0x0000000000005B39, 0x0000000000005B3A, 0x0000000000005B3B, 0x0000000000005B3C, 0x0000000000005B3D0x0000000000008803
Preowned easel0x0000000000006E40, 0x0000000000006E41,0x0000000000006E420x0000000000008804
Easy breezy easel0x0000000000007B11, 0x0000000000007C00, 0x0000000000007C010x0000000000008806


Just unzip the rar file in your mods folder. It will create a new folder with the name: necrodog-portable easels. Start the game, play. Enjoy =)

Any comments would be highly appreciated

Additional Credits:
MTS, scumbumbo for tell me how to livedrag the easels. Completely made with The sims 4 studio "Joy".