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314 Malcolm Dr - Basegame

1,870 Downloads 87 Thanks  Thanks 35 Favourited 8,043 Views
Uploaded: 22nd Jun 2015 at 3:58 PM
This lovely two-story single family home is furnished with all base game items. The main floor is open concept with a spacious eat in kitchen and living room. On the first floor there is also a powder room and access to the attached garage and basement. The basement is unfinished which leaves plenty of room for your sim's to expand or build their dream man cave or hobby room. The second story includes two large bedrooms and a full bath. This is a perfect home for your sim's to start a family!

Lot Size: 25x20
Lot Price (furnished): 43,990
Lot Price (unfurnished): 31,543

Additional Credits:
Lot built and tested in the world (Bigger) Builder's Island by QBUILDERZ.