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Bigger Chest/Ab Muscles for males

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2015 at 11:44 AM
Updated: 20th Dec 2018 at 8:32 AM
UPDATE - 12/19/2018: Re-uploaded all V2 files without 3D nipples and created V3 files that are the version with 3D nipples. I have also compressed all of the 'outfit' versions into one zip file so you can download the non-default chests in one go.
Male Muscular Chests

These are my modified muscle chests, complete with my alterations to the pecs and obliques. I’ve also included a screenshot to show they still look decent when you reduce the muscle slider to a lower setting.

The chests can be found in 6 styles in 2 different versions that have been updated to show under the masculine clothing type.

Version 2 = no 3D nipples

Version 3 = has 3D nipples

default replacement (all contained in one zip file)
-moderate muscles with abs
-moderate muscle without abs
-medium muscles with abs
-medium muscles without abs
-large muscles with abs
-large muscles without abs

The default replacement chests must only be used one at a time as they replace the EA default chest for males.

non-default (outfit)
-moderate muscle chest outfit with abs
-moderate muscle chest outfit without abs
-medium muscle chest outfit with abs
-medium muscle chest outfit without abs
-large muscle chest outfit with raised abs
-large muscle chest outfit without abs

The non-default chests are found in the TOPS section and can both be installed together without conflict.

Polygon Counts:
3054 polygons in each mesh.

Additional Credits:


(Old changes)
UPDATE - 11/18/2018: Re-uploaded all V2 files, updated for the Get Famous patch. I have also added newer screenshots as well as smoothed out some rough edges on the mesh that were super obvious in 1st person camera view.
UPDATE - 10/04/2018: Re-uploaded all V2 files but this time I added physical nipples to the mesh. I have also added 2 screenshots showing the additional nipples.
UPDATE - 01/22/2017: I was re-testing these in my game and found a flaw with the medium muscles V2, the seam on the ribs was raised and glaringly obvious. I’ve cleaned up the seams and re-uploaded the medium muscles default replacement and outfit versions V2.

All the other sizes/options are fine.
UPDATE - 07/24/2016: As a request I have updated the old muscle chests I originally made and re-uploaded them. These chests do not have the extended obliques or the slimmed down/curvier body shape like the V2 chests. You will find them in the downloads but I consolidated them down into 2 combined zip files: 1 for the outfit versions (non-default) and 1 for the default replacement versions. Same rules apply as the V2, if you're going to use a default replacement only use 1 version at a time or they conflict.
UPDATE - 06/12/2016: I have cleaned up the angle of the chests and have also created a 3rd 'large' chest option. All files and screenshots have been updated to reflect this so you will need to download the newest versions. I also re-vamped the thumbnails to look cleaner.
UPDATE - 06/6/2016: If you downloaded the newest male muscle chest mod as a default replacement (before June 6th) please re-download the file as I realized I created the package as a standalone mesh, not an override. this was preventing the torso from changing properly when bathing (or having nude woohoo) but the mesh would appear if you set up an outfit in CAS with (by adding then removing a shirt).

There is no problem with the non-default/outfit versions, this only applies to the default replacements.