7 Mineral Lime Walls - Mediterranea Colors - volumes 1-2-3

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Mineral lime is an old technique to cover up walls. It is nice to look at and easy to maintain
Mineral lime is timeless - greek, roman, celtics ... the questions are, who did not use it and why are you not ?
Following is 21 mineral lime walls in 3 different volumes for 3 different styles - 7 walls per volume.

Have fun to mix and match :D

The pattern looks good in all three heights.
Patterns don't just stretch to fit, they were made in three different sizes
Patterns are really seamless in every direction : up, down, left and right.

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7 Mineral Lime Walls - Mediterranea Colours - volume 1

Is the blue of Greece making you daydream ? Did you ever wanted to come back from your mediterranean vacation with the walls in your suitcase ? Stop looking for home-sitting those beauties and keep your savings for something else, here are a set of 7 shades of blue, memories of the southern european sea. Those walls of mineral lime are perfect for a subtle and soft touch, yet really chic.

7 Mineral Lime Walls - Various Colours - volume 2

Looking for muted colours instead ? Perfect ! This set has various colours and all muted for a more classic look. Green, brown, pink, white, etc... The green is actually a nice idea, you should try it. Mineral lime is perfect for a clean looking place, indoor or outdoor. Low maintenance but highly good looking !

7 Mineral Lime Walls - Spanish Harbour - volume 3

Mediterranea is also associated with Spain and the love of the sun. Here you go, your own hacienda's walls covered with mineral lime. Yellow, orange or brown. Mix and match the shades to build a sunny place where joy is the key word. Inside for a sunny kitchen, outside to blind your neighbors !

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