Back to Hogwarts set - 16 Hogwarts Beddings + 7 Scottish Beddings

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To celebrate a milestone of 1 700 followers on our simblr, we made a set in theme with back to school ambiance : Back to Hogwarts !

25 Hogwarts Beddings - 4 houses colours

How could you not have a bedding of your house ?
Well ... yes, you might be married and it might be a problem.
You might be in the muggle society and need some discretion.
You might want to pass it on your own children, in case they are wizards/witches.
And if they are not, you can still pass the magic of your memories. No worries ! We’ve got you covered
Pick your house or any other if you prefer and show your colours ! With discretion or loudly with special Quidditch blankets !

Category : Buy > Comfort > Beds
Price : 400§

7 Scottish Beddings

When rebuilding Hogwarts there was so much to do. Everything had burned or had been destroyed from top to bottom but it was such a victory that the wizarding community wanted the castle to be the glorious school for September 1st. The castle had to be a school again and very soon ! Professor McGonagall and Mrs. Weasley handle a lot to get the school back to what it was. Except, for a time, these Scottish beddings ...
The story says the two friends went to Madam Malkin's and bought every tartan patterns they found, they wanted to make a statement : Hogwarts was once again home for hundreds of children.

Category : Buy > Comfort > Beds
Price : 400§

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