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Floral Walls with Leather Padding + Striped Walls (Set)

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2016 at 8:06 PM
Are you looking for the perfect walls to suit your coffee shop/bakery? Look no further!

With the range of colours available, these walls are sure to make your sim customers feel welcome.

This set was inspired by a bakery I drive past most mornings.

The walls are available in a variety of subtle pastel colours which are guaranteed to increase your customers appetite (don't they just look yummy enough to eat?)

Leather padding options:
  • Cream leather with light or dark wood skirting
  • Brown leather with light or dark skirting
  • Black leather with white or black skirting
  • White leather with white or black skirting

Striped wall are available with either light wood / dark wood / black / white skirting.

Catalog location: The walls with leather padding can be found either in the paneling or wallpaper catalog and the striped walls are only available in the wallpaper catalog.
Price: 10 simoleans

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Adobe for their fantastic editing programs.