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Gil Elvgren Pin Up Wall Hangings

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Uploaded: 19th Apr 2016 at 11:29 PM
Updated: 11th Sep 2016 at 10:49 PM
Hey guys I’m back, work life has kept me super busy but I present to you a collection of 19 wall hangings of Gil Elvgren’s famous pin up girls.

Gil Elvgren began painting calendar pin ups in the late 1930s but his work became more prominent and famous in the 1950-1970s when he worked for Brown & Bigelow, before he died in 1980.

I’ve chosen my favourite 19 paintings by him for your Sims to enjoy and also I’ve changed the colour of the frame to an antique gold.

I’ve recoloured from the Lady on Red Wall Hanging.

Found: Decorations > Wall Hangings > Lady On Red Wall > My Recolours
Cost: $180

*Base Game Only Required *
*CEP Required*
*Images shown are numbered so are the files in zip, so you can chose which images you want to add in game*