Animal Crossing Ice Series Inspired Objects

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2016 at 6:57 PM
Updated: 12th Nov 2017 at 4:15 AM - requested larger wall floor
Update: Fixed Lamp and Mirror errors from update changes.
Update 2: Fixed Sofa and Bed for Dogs and Cats Patch.

This is a series of objects based on the Animal Crossing Ice Series Objects. They are all transparent and available in 4 colors. These are based on the series in Animal Crossing, but are all original objects and not based on game-exports.

The models and textures (minus the floor) were all created by myself. I drew the snowflake and the ice textures according to the UV maps I placed. The Floor texture is based on a Sims 4 floor texture (Classic Large Format Flagstone), and for the curious the wall texture was created with samples from the public domain. ( is the public domain image search I use.)

Just like my uploads, these textures are free to use for your own work.

Here is the details of the objects and where they can be found.

Ice Bed
Buy: Bedroom > Beds
Polygons: 706
Cost: 888

Ice Chair
Buy: Comfort > Chair
Polygons: 152
Cost: 888

Ice Clock (Deco)
Buy: Decoration > Misc
Polygons: 376
Cost: 888

Ice Dresser
Note: Slots on top for decoration.
Buy: Bedroom > Storage
Polygons: 326
Cost: 888

Ice End Table
Note: Slots on top for decoration.
Buy: Surfaces > End Tables
Polygons: 318
Cost: 888

Ice Lamp
Buy: Lighting > Table Lamps
Polygons: 290
Cost: 888

Ice Mirror
Buy: Decoration > Mirror [Wall]
Polygons: 488
Cost: 888

Ice Shelf
Note: Each spot is fully slotted for your own objects, including the top.
Buy: Surfaces > Display
Polygons: 551
Cost: 888

Ice Side Table
Note: Each spot is fully slotted for your own objects.
Buy: Surfaces > End Tables
Polygons: 273
Cost: 888

Ice Sofa
Buy: Comfort > Sofa
Polygons: 708
Cost: 888

Ice Table
Buy: Surfaces > Table
Polygons: 447
Cost: 888

Ice Wall
Note: Blue lines are included to give a larger ice/igloo sense.
Build: Walls > Paint
Cost: 8

Ice Floor
Build: Floors > Stone
Cost: 8

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio