More Unique Adventures per Day

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2016 at 1:25 PM
Updated: 28th Oct 2016 at 10:02 PM
This mod changes the number of unique adventures given by the adventure board.

The XML file that controls this has a default value of 5 unique adventures per day - this becomes very annoying the higher one's Visa level gets, as the chance of getting a big adventure (like Jean Necteaux's tomb) becomes quite low. I had quite a time trying to get the aforementioned tomb, as it almost never showed up.

The flavours of this mod are: (use only one at a time)

2 unique adventures per day (for those who want to make the game harder)
10 unique adventures per day (recommended)
16 unique adventures per day
20 unique adventures per day
26 unique adventures per day (all uncompleted and repeatable adventures are available every day, regardless of location)

Any mod that edits PostBoxJobBoard+CheckTheBoard_0xfaf7cda7cf34fa1b will conflict with this one. This includes Shimrod's Unlimited Adventures mod.

Additional Credits:
Created with the use of S3PE by Peter L. Jones