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The Black - A Modern Haven (no CC)

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2016 at 9:07 AM
The Black is a modern home designed for busy sims who work around the clock and only fantasize about taking some time off and going on vacation. But you don't really need a vacation when you live in The Black - the pool and the semi-tropical scenery are enough to get any sim relaxed after a long day of working, and during a those short weekends and rares days off.

The Black is designed with a garage, 2 bedsrooms, an office (comes furnished as a fashion designer's studio) , a large living area and an open kitchen. It also has a swimming pool and a bar/lounge. The area behind the garage is unoccupied to allows you expend the house if you like.
The Black comes fully furnished, with a luxury car icluded! No custom content and no mods were used in creating this house (except for Allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation).

This is my 2nd creation I upload to MTS and I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 119,394