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15 mini pizzas for restaurants (and home) Custom food. Update 7-2-2017-Toddlers-vampires patch update

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Uploaded: 23rd Jul 2016 at 12:21 AM
Updated: 8th Feb 2017 at 1:57 AM
Hello guys and girls. You requested too much this and finally here its. Hope you like.

7-February-2017 Update. Toddlers-vampire patch fix

Hello I update the mini pizzas for the toddlers patch finally and for the latest vampire patch (this last not neccesary, but who knows) So please download the new version.

I received much suggestions of the pizzas from the clay oven to be available for restaurants. Sadly the normal big versions and the clay oven canot be usable at restaurants. But I create the original 15 pizzas into mini single serving pizzas that can be ordered at restaurant or crafted at home.

For home crafting you need the custom food iteractions version 1.7 So you can cook them on any stove at the cook custom recipe menu.


Or download one of my ovens plus the original clay oven that has the corresponding pizza iteractions

Rustic Clay Oven (the original one)


Wall oven


Sim-plicity built in oven


For restaurant you need to select them from the customize menu option when you create your restaurant. So pizza restaurants is now a reality!!

In restaurant they appears in the main course tag. Some in meat, another in vegetarian and one in seafood.

Restaurant menu and images courtesy of Esmeralda who test them because I dont have Dine Out =P.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Polygon counts.

Mini pizza single serving.

348 faces 247 vertex

Shadow Hi/MEd

346 faces 290 vertex

Mini pizza baking pan


194 faces 141 vertex

Shadow Hi/MEd

Cloned baking pan has no shadow mesh

Additional Credits:
MTS, Sims 4 Studio "jackpot", Esmeralda who test them for restaurants and icemunmun for their tips and help on making custom food and how to appear them in restaurants.