Kagaya`s Starry Tales paintings

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In the Golden Age, Heaven and Earth were the one world,
where Gods and people had been living together...

Starry Tales series
- paintings by japanese digital fine artist Kagaya,

standalone item.

You can see these paintings here

10 paintings-swatches.

Price: 415
EA mesh (Alpine Peace art).

Yutaka Kagaya

A Japanese digital fine artist. Born in 1968 (Saitama Prefecture in Japan), he has created artworks relating to the universe including CG animation pictures, digital prints, posters, illustrations for astronomical books and magazines.

The main themes of his work are the universe, the blue planet, and humankind as a part of the universe --- their dreams and yearnings. His artistry and scientific accuracy enable him to embody the beauty that integrates all the elements of the universe.

His constellation pictures are made into jigsaw puzzles, which are gaining popularity around the world.

List of the paintings:

1. Artemis.
2. Andromeda.
3. Phoenix.
4. Pegasus.
5. Kaguya.
6. Venus.
7. Pleiades 1.
8. Pleiades 2.
9. Vega.
10. Cassiopeia.

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You can admire other Kagaya`s paintings here: http://www.kagayastudio.com/english/

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