Backyard Stuff Jeggings Bleeding Fix

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Uploaded: 17th Sep 2016 at 10:59 AM
Requires Backyard Stuff

The jeggings added in Backyard Stuff were a much needed item as fan had been requesting true skinny jeans for awhile and all was well when they came out till I saw that the textures bleeds onto certain footwear, mainly the male boots and some of the boots from Outdoor Retreat. Now I don't blame them for missing this as they probably only really tested them out on females and most if not all of the female boots work with them but it's still an issue that needed to be fixed so I did.

What theses files do is replace the textures, shadow map, bump map and specular map (shine) with my own edited versions. Basically I just raised the pant leg on all the files just enough so they don't overlap (bleed) onto the shoes anymore. These only replace the originals and do not effect recolors except for the bump map as recolors do not contain their own but instead rely on the original's. As with any override they do not contain any meshes but use the ones already in game.

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