Internal Mood Names Replacement - More descriptive emotion names!

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Uploaded: 7th Oct 2016 at 12:35 AM
Updated: 3rd Jan 2021 at 11:23 PM

What does this mod do?

Internally, the game code refers to different levels of emotional states (moods) with different names than the ones we end up seeing: all of the second-stage emotion states, like 'Very Confident', have a more descriptive and concise original name - like 'Fearless'! This mod simply renames all of the mismatched moods back to their lovely internal names, and alters the mood descriptions to match their new names.

What changes:

  • Very Angry -> Furious
  • Very Confident -> Fearless
  • Very Energized -> Pumped
  • Very Flirty -> Passionate
  • Very Focused - In the Zone
  • Very Happy -> Elated
  • Very Playful -> Silly
  • Very Inspired -> Imaginative
  • Very Tense -> Stressed
  • Very Uncomfortable -> Miserable
  • Very Sad -> Depressed
  • Very Embarrassed -> Humiliated

Will this work with X version?

Yup. No really. I'll eat my hat if this mod ever breaks, short of the devs deciding to change the emotion names themselves. This is just a simple string replacement and nothing more.
Edit: I should really learn to stop eating my hat. EA broke this briefly by breaking custom text back in 04/19, but it's since been patched. I think you can remain confident that this likely won't break between game versions.


This mod should only conflict with another mod that changes the values of the mood names strings and their corresponding mood descriptions.

Overriden Resources:

Additional Credits:
  • DrChillgood for figuring out how to override game text nicely: [link]
  • S4PE