Random Sims 2 Floor Conversions

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Uploaded: 30th Oct 2016 at 3:21 AM
16 Sims 2 floors converted for Sims 4

All floors have bump and specular maps added, that means they have proper depth and shine. Each has a total of 12 swatches, original texture(s) plus recolors.

FloorDescriptionTile SizeCategoryPrice
"Riverbed" Stone Paversoriginal plus 11 recolors2x2Stone$19
Prague Paversedging for Riverbed2x2Stone$19
Bangkok Block Rocksedging for Riverbed2x2Stone$19
"Bordero" Stone Paverscorner for Riverbed1x1Stone$19
"Creampuff" Carpetoriginal plus 11 recolors1x1Carpet$10
"Macrame" Carpetedging for Creampuff1x1Carpet$10
"Doily" Carpetedging for Creampuff1x1Carpet$10
"Merengue" Carpetcorner for Creampuff1x1Carpet$10
Etruscan Stained Concreteoriginal and Algea plus 10 recolors5x5Masonry$16
Leather Tilingoriginal brown, chocolate, black, and green plus 8 recolors1x1Tile/Misc$8
Magnificent Marbleoriginal green, black, brown, and white plus 8 recolors1x1Tile/Stone$10
Mixed Slate Stone Flooringoriginal and Nuclear Winter plus 10 recolors2x2Stone$8
Pristine Marbleoriginal white plus 11 recolors4x4Tile/Stone$8
"Stone and Stalk" Tileoriginal plus 11 recolors2x2Tile$18
Swirl Concreteoriginal plus 11 recolors1x1Masonry$10
"Walk the Plank" Wood Flooringoriginal plus 11 recolors4x4Wood$6

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Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Paintshop Pro