Barracks - The Grunts house makeover

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Uploaded: 13th Feb 2017 at 11:32 PM
Updated: 13th Feb 2017 at 6:18 PM
What I have always liked about the original 51 Road to Nowhere house (aka the Grunts place in Strangetown) was that it looked like military barracks.
So I wanted to make it over but making some emphasis in that fact, getting a lot of beds (or even better: bunk beds!) to house recruits who not entitled to the privacy of a house of their own.

Custom content

I usually don't use CC, but in my opinion this building needs bunk beds.
My favourite ones belong to Atavera , because they are cheap and they do look cheap and they don't give my Sims too much energy/comfort. Yeah, I like them miserable
I have included the file in this download but I strongly encourage you to check Atavera's creations repository to thank him and see all his other works - including other matching beds!

About the building

This building is meant to be quite simple and impersonal. Mind you these are barracks.

There are two small offices before you enter the main building, the kind of ones where you have a guard in, just for security.
The main building has a plain structure, with all the public rooms in the first floor (small lounge, gym, and kitchen/dining room) and the bedrooms and bathrooms in the second floor.
There are two bedrooms, one for the captain (a proper bedroom with an in-suite bathroom) and a shared one for 8 recruits. Recruits are meant to share the bathroom as well, so toilets and showers don't allow much privacy.
Everyone gets to enjoy the luxury of a sauna. (Oh, well, I don't like them too miserable )

There is minimal decoration.
I tried to keep it to a minimum because of my simple-and-impersonal aim, so I hope you like it this way.

It has been built on a new empty flat lot (which is in fact smaller than the original Grunts place lot) and the house you download has never been inhabited.
A copy has been playtested.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): 70682

Custom Content Included:
- @ Metal Bunk Bed (Bottom Bunk) by Atavera (retired)
- @ Metal Bunk Bed (Top Bunk) by Atavera (retired)

Additional Credits:
* Atavera for the bunk beds
* Fraps to take pictures