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Modern small desert house [CC Free]

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Uploaded: 8th Apr 2017 at 10:34 AM
I'm back!
After months of my sims not working, me uninstalling all my sims and installing all the sims in my house mean I'm down to only pets and 4 stuff packages QwQ cri ;;

But my return to build houses is gonna be with this little house which price looks like something taking out of a magazine! lol
And actually my inspiration was mixed between a beach house from a magazine and reallife houses I saw when I was in USA c':

The house itself holds two rooms. One for a child and one for the parent(s). The kitchen and livingroom is in same place. The house also have a poll and are made for desert places c':
It is my first house in a desert collection of houses and I hope to come back with even bigger houses as my sims works good now!
I am a little proud of this house as I have this building block in some days and felt like I totally left you all behind! ahahaha, but nope, I will never leave (or something... most something...)

You can now request a specific type of house. Please mind I don't do mediaval houses but does whatever have been of styles the past 200 years. Also mind if you want furniture or not and if you wish for a certain type of family. [Rich, poor, medium] c':
I won't do beach lots either (Not even when I get all the games again) and there can go up to a few months before apartments is in add too.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 34864