My Toadstool(Peach)

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Uploaded: 27th Apr 2005 at 9:02 AM
Hi everyone, my drawing program went nuts for a while so I couldn't make anything. But I found an alternative so I'm back This is my version of Toadstool(I don't know why but sometimes she's called Peach), She's the cliched princess who always gets captured by a monster and saved by a.....well, hero I guess. Except in Mario 2 and Mario RPG where she's a usable character, and she's quite good in both. While I was looking for a way to skin again, I bought a bunch of games to kill time, and Paper Mario was one of them. When I heard her heels clicking against the floor I knew I had to make her, it sounds soooooo sexy :tooth: I wanted to remake her with a concept of adulthood(I guess because I grew up with her and I'm an adult now), so I tried to be similar yet different with the original design, maybe you guys can tell the conflict within my design. Besides, the original design is getting boring and it's for kids(flame shield on )

This time around the princess I made is completly customized, none of her body parts are made by Maxis, they are all the results of various mesher's hard work. The crown is made by saracentner, and it's a glasses mesh. Here's the link
The hair mesh is made by Dr Pixel, and here's the link
Finally, the body mesh is made by aardvarkams, I've been waiting for a chance to use it, but this is such a "different" mesh

Hope you guys like this Sim, thank you guys for your support