Midnight Whispers Chapel & Park (no CC)

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2017 at 1:03 AM
Hi, all I'm not quite sure I can do this lot justice with my description, so please do look at the pictures.

Aboveground, it's a sprawling, opulent park; full of flowerbeds, rosebush alleys, fountains, picturesque places to relax, paint, play chess, or take in musical performances. Includes a teeny tiny church with a graveyard in the corner which in truth are merely a gateway to the underground part. Underground it's a huge gothic cathedral built for vampire weddings as well as general vampiric stalking and brooding in mind, featuring altars of 5 different deities for sims of the pagan persuasion.

This lot is perfectly suitable as a venue for both weddings and receptions, although I should point out that there is no wedding arch.
The lot traits are vampire nexus, haunted, and great acoustics; the lot type is "generic". It's fully furnished, decorated and play tested; contains no CC.
bb.moveobjects was used during building; if by any chance things look wonky after placing the lot, try to place it with the cheat on and off and see which one works.

Two versions of this lot are available for download:

First is the full, amazing 64x64 (please try this one!) intended to fit on three possible lots: two in Windenburg and one in San Myshuno. Its features include 2 bushes, 2 bars, 4 easels, 5 chess tables, 10 dining tables with chairs, 4 bbqs, 4 plasma fruit trees, 1 bandstand with performance space and seating, 1 dance floor with performance space and stereo, 1 small musical stage with keyboard and audience seating, 1 wishing well, 4 pipe organs, 2 full bathrooms (sink, shower, toilet), plus a few extra fruit trees and plants scattered around, as well as general park things such as trashcans, lights and (naturally) plenty of benches.

The second version is the enormously abridged 50x50 - it's missing a lot of the above and you should only use it if you absolutely cannot possibly spare a 64x64 space. 50x50 lots are available in Willow Creek (two lots) and Oasis Springs (one lot). Features: 1 bush, 1 bar, 3 easels, 3 chess tables, 3 dining tables with chairs, 2 bbqs, 1 plasma fruit tree, 1 wishing well, 4 pipe organs, 2 full bathrooms (sink, shower, toilet), plus extra fruit trees and plants and general park features (trashcans, lights, benches). The bandstand, dance floor and musical stage are all absent.

As always I highly recommend playing around with lighting colour and intensity until it's to your liking: the aboveground park looks its best with "cooler white" (first option) while the cathedral looks great in warmer tones, or you could choose to set the lights there to aqua or red to make it look particulary otherworldly and striking (my screenshots were taken with varying light colours and intensity).

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 340563