More Realistic Genetics (updated 24 Jul '17)

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Uploaded 22nd Jul 2017 at 11:26 PM · Updated 11th Jun 2022 at 1:36 PM by Nopke

This mod makes hair and eye color genetics more realistic. It's based on a simplified real life model of genetics in which there are two genes of eye color (a brown/non-brown gene and a green/blue gene) and two genes of hair color (a dark/blonde gene and a non-red/red tone gene). In the game, there is one gene for eye color and one for hair color, so the mod is an approximation of an approximation [sic] of real life genetics, which is much more complicated.

Update (24 Jul 2017): Added a new version for those who use brown or black default replacements for dark blue eyes.
New genetics rules
  • Blonde hair dominates over red (but still black and brown hair are the most dominant);
  • Dark blue eyes are as recessive as light blue and gray ones, while green eyes dominate over them;
  • Brown eyes are still the most dominant human eyes;
  • Alien eyes dominate over all (like custom eyes) and any Sim can use them. They are available in Bodyshop.
Existing Sims' appearance won't be affected.

There are also two other versions for people who use nonstandard default replacements for dark blue eyes:
  • simNopke-moreRealisticGenetics-hazel makes dark blue eyes as dominant as green. Use for hazel, amber, or green DRs.
  • simNopke-moreRealisticGenetics-brown makes dark blue eyes as dominant as brown. Use for brown or black DRs.
Use only one version of the mod. simNopke-moreRealisticGenetics is also a version.

Genetic values (greater means more recessive) of the genes:

Rikkulidea has written how the game genetics works, check it out if you want to know something more about it.

Despite a conflict, this mod can be used with Creature fixes by Pescado but must loads after it.
I advise against using this mod with mods changing genetics, visibility in the catalog, or "townification" of blonde hair, or alien, green, or dark blue eyes. If you really want to keep those mods though, make sure they load after this mod.

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simNopke-moreRealisticGenetics and simNopke-moreRealisticGenetics-hazel
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