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robe la douce - Ballet Dress

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Uploaded: 4th Aug 2017 at 4:55 PM
Updated: 19th Jan 2019 at 8:01 PM

Hi everyone. This is my download for this month's performing arts theme! It's a a big poofy ballet dress for teens and adults. This dress is perfect for dancing or performing sims that want to give an impression to their audience. There are 10 swatches for this dress, including 3 beautiful glitter swatches that actually shine ingame. The dress has a relatively good polycount for such a complex mesh- the LOD0 is around 8.4k polys (more detail on polycounts below). The dress took me around 2 weeks to make but actually only 3-4 days of work, and I had to face a couple of issues that I hadn't come across before. I think the dress turned out pretty good, and if you want to see any other clothes I've made, check my tumblr .

There are three separate colour collections for this dress, 'la collection de blocs', 'la collection marie-moi' and 'la collection de brilliance'. The first collection is 3 simple colours, a light pink, a white and a dark gray. These suit any occasion and look very formal. The second collection, has 4 colours that are romantic and a perfect for weddings. The third and final collection has three glitter-y patterns which are ideal for use in ballet performances. You can view all three of these collections at the top of the page.

In female adult fully-body outfits ingame, look for this thumbnail - here.

The dress has some issues with certain poses and movements. You can even see this in the screenshots. I've tried to fix this so many times in weight paint but I cannot make it any better than it is due to the complexity of the mesh. It's mostly unnoticeable in normal gameplay, like when the sim is just standing, so it should be fine. The clothing also has some clipping issues on super extreme sliders but again, that's due to the mesh being detailed etc.
You may have problems opening it in s4studio. This is because I was having issues with having 3 swatches with specular maps and the rest without, I had to make the 7 plain swatches and 3 glitters separate packages and then merge them. This means that they're hard to edit, so if you want to recolour/do whatever you want, download the separated versions here. The plains.package contains the mesh, and the sparkles.package act as a recolour with no mesh.
The white swatches look very bright in CAS but they look a lot better ingame, it's just due to the CAS lighting


Polygon Counts:
LOD0 - 8169
LOD1 - 4758
LOD2 - 2195
LOD3 - 657

Additional Credits:
s4studio team - Thanks for your amazing tool that allowed me to create this!
blender+marvelousdesigner+maya - For meshing.
glitter - Here for the glitter tops.
slyd - Thanks for your great tutorials and help on the s4studio forums.
flowerchamber - Thanks for the amazing ballet poses!