No Autonomous Graduation

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2017 at 5:00 PM
Updated: 13th Nov 2017 at 12:07 AM
Sick and tired of your entire household dropping everything they are doing to observe Graduation?
Would you prefer for your graduate to head off to the celebration and pick up their diploma at their convenience?
Then this mod is for you.

Graduation will no longer occur automatically. No more Sims dropping everything at 10 AM to head off to City Hall at 12 PM and stay for hours on end. On the day of graduation, the usual notification will pop up to remind the player that the diploma can be picked up at City Hall. Nothing will force the Sim or anyone in the household to go there themselves and you can choose yourself when you want your Sim to go grab their diploma, which will cause them to don their graduation robes, head to City Hall and then participate in the graduation ceremony.

I play on version 1.69, but I believe it will work just fine on patch 1.67

Does this prevent Sims from being excused from school/work?
No. The day of graduation still counts as such, so any non-graduating Sim from your household will still have a day off.

Is the graduate the only one to leave, if I send them?
No. If you choose to send your graduate to City Hall, the rest of the household will follow.
If you want to prevent this, you'd have to cancel the interaction as before.

Changed XML Tuning
This mod alters the GraduateInCityHall_RabbitHole ITUN (Instance: 0xFA7069180488081C).
It's currently unknown to me if this mod will conflict with other mods of similar nature.

Additional Credits: S3PE and MTS for XML Tuning and its tutorials on it