Maxis Missing Genie Eyes For All

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2017 at 1:02 AM
Updated: 11th Apr 2021 at 3:51 PM - Replaced file
UPDATE 11/04/21 I can't believe it's taken this long for someone to mention it, but the default replacement file had the wrong texture this entire time! Very sorry to everyone who downloaded it before now, please redownload.

Hello, this is my first upload to MTS

A few days ago someone at Garden of Shadows said they'd love it if sims could have genetically correct children with the FreeTime Genie NPC. After it was explained that this was not the best idea due to corruption problems, it was suggested that the Genie's skin and eyes be extracted. Unfortunately his purple skin is not usable, but it turns out he had nice, dark green eyes, so I extracted them.

The Downloads
There are 3 .RAR files attached, each one has a different purpose:

- DEFAULT_ZDD_Maxis_Genie_Eye_Green will replace the Maxis default green eyes with the extracted Genie eyes. If you delete this package any sim with green eyes will revert to Maxis default green.
- ZDD_Maxis_Genie_Eye_Gen means the eyes will be non-default and can be passed genetically, just like the other Maxis eyes. If you delete this package any sims you created with these eyes will have to be fixed in SimPE.
- ZDD_Maxis_Genie_Eye_GenTownie means the eyes will be non-default, can be passed genetically, AND will spawn on townies. If you delete this package any townies that spawned with these eyes will have to be fixed in SimPE.

All files have no special characters and are compressed. Appropriate thumbnails and tool-tips where applicable.


Additional Credits:
- Trickster at GOS, without their request I wouldn't have found these eyes in the game files
- Eaxis for the game
- The creators of GIMP
- The creators of SimPE