Suburbia Pets (Maxis Makeover)

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Uploaded: 7th Nov 2017 at 3:17 AM
Updated: 15th Nov 2017 at 6:11 AM
Unlike the big box pet supply stores that carry everything under the sun, Suburbia Pets is the perfect stop for a sim on the go who wants to grab a cat and a collar and be on her way! Or maybe it's a great place to spend a few hours... grill some burgers, caffeinate, pick out the pet of your dreams, and play among the greenery with your new best friend.

Suburbia Pets started life as the Corner Store in Bluewater. My goal was to keep the quaint, local feel but shed that "starter lot" vibe, flesh it out and give it some colour. Also I needed a pet shop, so it's pets (truly, my thoughts are deep and complicated).

EP/SP Info: M&G, OFB, and PETS required. The counters are NL. BV for several of the plants and the lucky cats. AL vending machines, TSS wall lamps, KBS in the bathroom, and a painting from IKEA.

The CC for this lot is super easy...
  • The one thing not included is Echo's Rug (Decorative / Misc / 60, 250, & 800) -- Download Here -- lot uses the 2x3 and the 3x4 sizes
  • Everything else? Included in the .RAR.

Okay, but what is that CC, and where did it come from?

Two little pieces aren't mine. One is the red roof, by Marina's Sims, found here. I use these roofs all the time on my lots, and the colours look amazing.
The second piece is a red KBS towel recolour by Piggi/Anke. Sadly, her site is gone, and with Sims2Graveyard currently down too I've included the file.

The rest are recolours from some of my different sets, but rather than asking anyone to download and look through about a thousand files to pick out maybe 22 (ain't nobody got time for that), I've packed up and included the following...

White fishtank recolour from Wonder Woman Bedroom
Echo's Rug recolour in moss from Witchery OFB Set
Echo's Rug recolour in turquoise and poured walls from Nightblooms Bedroom
Fruitless Fig and Suspense painting recolours from Claybee Living Room
Pet Beds, Bowl, and Toy recolours from Claybee Pets
Wall Scroll recolour from Claybee Bath
Poured Flooring from Claybee Kitchen and Dining Room

Let's take a ride and run with the dogs tonight -- at Suburbia Pets!

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): §55,694

Additional Credits:
Always, always, always thanks to Delphy, Numenor, Quaxi, RGiles, and everyone who contributed to CEP and SimPE!