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Harvestable Bell Pepper

78,099 Downloads 1,088 Thanks  Thanks 148 Favourited 84,876 Views
Uploaded: 8th Dec 2017 at 7:28 PM
Updated: 22nd Jul 2021 at 9:54 PM - Updated for Seasons Patch

Update 22.07.2021

- Updated for Cottage Living
- Enabled for Village Shoppe and Grocery Order by this mod

Update 21.09.2020
  • Dutch Translations - Yuna_Vs
  • German Translations - Lornaria1 and Helene912
  • French Translations - Candyman
  • Spanish Translations - Geosims
  • Made compatible with Eco Pack ( Support for Fizzy Juicing - Will require additional Custom Fizzy Juices Mod)

Update - 16.10.2019

- Updated for conservationist career and Spell casting
- Swedish Translation by Giakou
- german Translation by Jevi

Update - 17th April 2019 Patch

--- Updated to Patch :UPDATE: 4/16/2019 — PC / Mac

Update - July 18 : Updated growing season

- Growing season : Summer
- Cannot be planted in freezing temps

Update - 21st June 2018 : Season Patch

--- Updated to Seasons Patch ( PC / Mac

Mod Description

Adds custom Bell Pepper to the game .


------ Bell Pepper can be found under 'Misc Appliances' and costs 8 simoleons. [ Search for 'Bell Pepper' in the search bar for easy access]

------ Can be planted and harvested

------ Bell Pepper is tagged as Veggie , so can be eaten raw or used in recipes which require Veggies as a cooking ingredient.Custom Recipes requiring Bell Pepper coming soon ( and Custom preserves too). Custom Food Stuffed Pepper
------ Eating the Raw harvestable Gives a +1 Energized moodlet ( 'Captivating Capsicum' )
------ Bell Pepper can be sold using City Living Craft sales table
------ Toddler compatible (aka toddlers can eat the harvestable, play with the plant)

A) If the Plants do not become harvestable : -
1. Make sure , you are on the latest patch
2. Plant the veggie and not the plant
3. Re-plant if plant takes to long to go into harvestable mode
4. Use Debug Gardening Interaction made visible by me to check for harvestables

B) If the harvestable is small then, use the mod Debug Gardening Interaction made visible by me to 'Grow plant (+50)' a couple of times to take the plant to fully mature/blossoming stage (Harvestable is small if the plant is not fully mature)
Use No Tiny Harvestables by LITTLEMSSAM if you want the harvestables to be the same size always

Requirement : Base game compatible

Made with Game Version PC Version

Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod

Additional Credits:
-Sims 4 studio

Polygon Counts:
a) Plant : ( Re textured Tomato bush)

High LOD - 610 Vertices/494 Polygons , Medium LOD - 298 V/188 P , Low LOD - 201 V/108 P

b) Veggie: ( Mesh by Me)

High LOD - 329 Vertices/524 Polygons , Medium LOD - 208 V/286 P
(No Low LOD for this type of object)