Supernatural Stalker Career

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*Latest Update 12/14/2020*

Hello, everyone. This is my first ever mod release. Recently I've been getting really frustrated at the lack of true supernatural objects and interactions in the Sims 4. I have a whole list of things I wanted to do, but I'm no mod creator. Fortunately, Neia is an absolute amazing genius and their Career Creator helped me to make this idea a reality. So, let's get into it.

Career Information
This Career was built using Version PC / Mac

The Supernatural Stalker Career is a rabbit hole career with four tracks: Alien Believer, Paranormal Defense Agent, Ghostbuster, and Vampire Hunter.

The Supernatural Stalker has four levels before you choose a track, and each of the tracks has an additional four levels. (More level information covered below).

Packs Required/Recommended

Vampires EP: For vampires, vampiric knowledge, and general gameplay.
Get to Work EP: For aliens.
Spa Day: The Wellness Trait is used as a career promotion tasks in a few levels.
Outdoor Retreat: Herbalism Trait.

As long as you have Neia's Career Commons file (included) the career should still work without these packs, but you need wellness/herbalism building items or you need to use the career promotion cheat (career.promote SupernaturalStalker) or by using Deaderpool's MCCC.

Feedback Request

Unfortunately, I was unable to secure testers, I tested it in my own game and it was fine, but I am excited to get feedback from others on how it works and functions for them. I tried to make it a little harder in certain places to kind of replicate the difficulty of having a paranormal career while still balancing good progression and monetary rewards.

I can definitely adjust progression or otherwise if need be (if I feel it needs to be). So please let me know how it works out.

Do not reupload. Do not claim as own. Do not edit career.

If inspired to create other career versions, or other things, you can link back but if your creation is it's own thing it's okay not to (but I'd still love to see it).

If you create things to be used for the careers I may link it here if you tell me and I like it.

Additional Credits:
All Sims pictured are my own. WCIF friendly (if I can actually find it).

Neia, for their Career Creator (Beta). Truly you have my thanks.

snowleopard__x for help on the PTO Tooltip.

SimWitcher for the Ghostbuster Outfits: LINK

Akuiyumi for the SimRay Accessory and Poses: LINK