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Market Vendor Career

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Uploaded: 6th May 2018 at 2:07 AM
Updated: 14th Feb 2019 at 8:44 PM
14/02/2019: Updated for Patch

Update for Seasons Patch Version

Not every sim is born to be astronaut, scientist or secret agent, so i've made this custom career which is "pretty normal" job-wise, but still a lovable and fun career, that can fit well into many storytelling gameplays.

It's an 11 level (sorry, i just couldn't leave that one thing out of it ;D) rabbithole career, salary set on the low end of maxis standards. Main skills are Gardening and Gourmet Cooking, with "excursions" into other skills, to provide a bit of variety while advancing the career. Get To Work is required to play this career mod, as well as the Neia_Careers_Commons.package which is included in the zip file.

The career was created with Neias Create-A-Career tool BETA, so no job outfits, daily tasks, or rewards.

Career Details:
Sims start out as Market Hand at a daily farmer's market, and later can choose between branches Deli Foods Dealer or Market Management.
The skill requirements i chose are reflecting the knowledge about the different wares they're selling, how and where they're grown or produced.

Available Languages: English

career cheat is (for now): careers.promote 11184596174668413499 which is the career ID, as the game doesn't like the simple word vendor for some weird reason.

And, as always, leave me some feedback on how you liked playing the career, also if you run into any trouble.

Additional Credits:
Neia, for her Create-A-Career Tool