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Two arcade cabinets (decorative) For one player and Two players.

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Uploaded: 17th Jun 2018 at 12:48 AM
Those cabinets are converted from The Sims 2.
I didn't made the original convert. It seems that Azaya is the original converter.

That being said...
You'll find two arcade cabinets in this pack. One player and 2 players configurations. Both are only decorative.
They don't replace any other item in the game. These are unique items.
Those arcade cabinets are buyable in the misc electronics catalog section, for 205$ each.
You can find them with that name : Arcade Games

What I did on these cabinets :
  • Cleaned the meshes as the originals had problems
  • Added and/or moved some stuff like buttons, joystick, speakers
  • Totally remade some parts that was badly modeled (sims2, you know.)
  • Added the two player configuration
  • Totally remade the UV mapping to allow more customization
  • Designed new HD textures for the cabinet materials
  • Designed all the new swatches

Polygon count after edits :
[1 player] LOD0:1181, LOD1:901
[2 players] LOD0:1468, LOD1:1125

I really hope you'll enjoy them ! :lovestruc

Additional Credits:
Original meshes by Maxis for The Sims 2.
Original artworks for mario/zelda/DK/pokemon made by Nintendo.
Most of artwork stuff found on arcadeartwork.org (a bible for arcade decals)
Some artwork stuff taken on 313arcadeandart.com
Thanks to Arcade Museum for the awesome inspiring pictures

Direct link to visual sources : (author-name) Description