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Recolours of Simwardrobe's Openable Gifts-Without the bow.

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2018 at 5:09 AM
Updated: 30th Aug 2018 at 4:10 PM
Update. I realized the baby Shower pattern was upside down so that is fixed and reuploaded as BabyShower2 in the pattern Rar.

So I got the recolouring bug and wanted to recolour Paladin's openable gifts in a few plain recolours without the bow. Then I thought well I need some more masculine prints and some baby shower prints would be nice, oh and I need another purple, yellow and pink shade... and ended up with 28 of them. Thought I was done and found some polka-dot prints that I added in yesterday and so I ended up with 32 recolours. Time to stop and upload!

Important: These gifts require at least 1 EP to work. From the readme:
The gifts require Nightlife or Open For Business or Pets in order to work. The Openable Toy Gift requires Open For Business as it generates toys from that expansion pack.

So while this will show up in Base game only, it will only be deco and not work.

All gifts are texture linked to the Cheap Openable Gift so you need this gift. So long as you have this the recolours will show up on each gift that you have.

Because Simwardrobe is now a dead site I have included in a separate file the meshes for the five gifts plus the controller that makes the gifts appear. These are the Cheap, Moderate and Expensive gift. The Toddler and Toy gifts.

The Recolours:
There are 18 plain boxes using selected Yeti and Poppet colour palettes. These boxes have a craft paper texture. These files are all named by Yeti and Poppet with the colour in the plain Rar.

There are 14 prints/others is the print Rar. One is a box done in a cardboard texture to look like... well a box. Also one in this same texture with a 'postage stamp' added. Aussie flag with a kangaroo because I can. The rest are various prints done in a flat wrapping paper texture.

Small Issue: Due to this being a mesh from 2006 there are some issues in the mapping especially the bow part. I have done my best to make it invisible but if you are on a good card at certain angles you will notice tiny black dots floating above the box which is part of the ribbon. Also, note that the inside colour matches the outside so the box with the postage stamp will show the stamp inside as well.