Skytower (Resort/Dorm)

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2018 at 12:34 PM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2018 at 12:26 AM - Added 2 screenshots of Resort version from Bridgeport
Lot Description:
I first designed this structure in Sims 2! It was a dorm for the Sims 2 university. I don't know why I like it so much, I converted into Sims 3. First I converted it as dorm as well, then later modified it into a resort version b/c I wanted to enjoy this building not just in university. For the upload, however, the main version is the resort version b/c there doesn't seem to be many uploads in the dorm category. I guess most people just consider dorms as community, so I rather have this in the community section for future downloaders to browse.

The two versions are not just different because of lot type and texturing. There are significant differences such as resort rooms include private bathrooms while dorm rooms do not. Dorm rooms are designed with dorm necessities such as desk and closet. Also, the resort only has 6 rooms, like my original TS2 design. The dorms in TS3 can house up to 8 students, so I added 2 more rooms in the basement with a laundry room. Dorm also comes with a much larger shower and restroom since it is shared by all residents.

The name is somewhat outdated as I built this prior to learning how to do skyscrapers. This building is not a skyscraper, just a 5 story building.

Lot Size: 20x20

EP List:
All EPs listed are what I own, though not necessarily needed. You will need IP for resort lot type and University for dorm lot type.

CC List: CC FREE! Except resort RH rug for resort version.
"Island Paradise Rabbit Hole Rug" - By Margaret Pendragon, Available Free at Simsl3gacies. (Link) Every resort requires a resort tower. You will require this resort RH rug set for any resort to work.

Below are more description of the 2 versions. Download whichever you desire.

Skytower Resort:

Additional Bridgeport Edition: Didn't like the wood finish of the IP edition in my Bridgeport world. Simply retextured the outside with white stucco. Looks beautiful. Sorry, not included in the DL since it is just a minor texture change. But uploading the screenshots to share.

Basement: Just the resort RH and a public restroom. It has a shower area b/c this resort has a gym.

Dining and Amenities: Dining is pure buffet. Amenities include a gym, a TV lounge, game room, top observation deck, and outdoor dance area with a bar.

Luxury Rooms: All luxury rooms come with private bathrooms and a king size bed.

Floor Plans:

Issues: Resort desk and trash can may be displaced. Use "moveobjects on" to place them

Lot Price (Furnished): $184,410
Lot Price (Unfurnished): $45,892

Skytower Dorm: UPDATE! New Version Available! Scroll down

Dorm Necessities: This include a communal shower, restroom, laundry room, a computer lab, gym, game room, tv lounge, observation deck, soccer area, and a dorm dining area.

Dorm Room: Nice and comfy for your students.

Floor Plan:

Issues: The mailbox and trashcan may be misplaced. Use "moveobjects on" to place them back.

Placement: If you've never placed a dorm before, you'll need to read this.
1) Go to university via edit town. It is a button on the top left. Do not "enroll" or "travel" there.
2) Once in university, plop the dorm down. Edit the lot to place the mailbox/trash can in the right place. If they are not there, don't worry. They will show up when you enroll later.
3) It is recommended you place a household of 7 sims in the dorm.
4) Return back to your homeworld via "return to game" button on the top. Save the game.

Now next time you go, the dorm will be ready.

Lot Price (Furnished): $187,690
Lot Price (Unfurnished): $53,881

Update: Version 2

When I first made Skytower Dorm, the whole bathroom in the basement was 1 room with a communal shower. I also wanted one of the room accessible through the laundry room so it seems like the school just added those rooms recently. During the updating for upload, I changed it b/c not everyone is as kinky as me. So I separated the restroom and the showers into stalls.

However, I did it too quickly b/c I edited both the dorm and the resort at the same time and was really tired. So after a while, I look back and it just wasn't really realistic to me. I redid the basement this time - now the other room can be reached without going through the laundry. The shower is placed in a more realistic place instead of individually in the hallway, etc.. Men's bathroom slightly bigger, now with a urinal. This method, you can also change the shower back into a communal shower if you want to be "Starship Trooper" kinky.

I figured that people who wanted to modify the basement would've done it themselves, but I know many people don't really know how to do it or do it well, so I decided to upload a new version. Only thing different is the basement.

TS2 Screenshots: