Pebble Burrow (backdrop home re-creation)

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Uploaded: 1st Nov 2018 at 7:00 PM
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As the title and summary state, this is what I came up with while trying to re-create one of the homes you see in the backdrop. I know a lot of people have complained about the homes that litter the areas we can't go to so I thought why not try and make one, and work on my home building skills in the game?

The home has two bedrooms, one master and one side bedroom. As well as three full bathrooms; the master bathroom, and two guest bathrooms. Though the one on the first floor is small.

Your sims enter the home and are quickly greeted with a small and cozy dining area and archways leading into the spacious and just as inviting living room and the narrow but efficient kitchen. The laundry room was added on to the house at a later date and the entry to it is on the side of the home.

The upstairs holds the master bedroom and side bedroom. The master is large and offers a rustic desert romance vibe and large custom bathroom that has the bathtub sitting back for a more intimate feel. The side room while small is perfect for a visiting sim or a child and a large window to offer a great view of Oasis Springs. The guest bathroom is larger than the one downstairs and offers more room for your sims.

The patio is empty, allowing your sims to do as they wish with it.

Since the home isn't in the richer area where the grass is, I decorated the lawn simply to reflected the dirt surroundings and give it a simple feel.

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 73,988
Lot Price (unfurnished): 35,168