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ANN Eyes - A Maxis-Match Eyeset!

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Uploaded: 17th Jan 2019 at 11:50 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2019 at 1:58 AM - Additional information
UPDATE (19-06-05): I learned how to make defaults in my spare time today and thought I'd make them for these peepers! I want to apologise for not being communicative, but for you guys to also know I HAVE read the replies and appreciate your lovely feedback.

Good morning all,

Have you found a bunch of maxis-match eyes that just aren't to your liking? ANN Eyes are here to hopefully save the day! For all ages, genders, colours. They are non-geneticised, meaning the eyes don't show up for specific gene combinations, nor are they default replacements! These eyes will appear like all other custom eyes in BodyShop and CAS.

If you want them to be defaults, it will have to be done yourself.

This eyeset was heavily influenced by the early artworks and renders by EAxis for each expansion and stuff pack.