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K.I.N.O. Movie studio (28.04.19 UPD)

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Uploaded: 30th Jan 2019 at 6:29 PM
Updated: 28th Apr 2019 at 12:50 PM - Missed violin

  • Stage #1 to improve actor skill. You can feel a star stylist to use a chair or feel sef-emploed photographer to make a photo for the memory.
  • Stage #2 is a cafeteria made in real sized film background. Functionally bar with classiacal music.
  • Stage #3 under ground. To improve actor and comic skills.
  • Good timers hideout was minded as cinema add-on for Good timers club, but can be made public. It`s having a home cinema screen, self serving bar, popcorn-making bulb and play station games to hang out inside.
  • Museum areas to show artifacts used in legendary films
  • Food stalls with american food and hot drinks (everytime closed by default)
  • Lot has not star private zones. No famous level is required. I planned to make it as fan zone or place to meet some famous. My suggestion to place at Mirage Park empty lot in Del Sol Valley.
Have used some CC for this building I recommend you but they are optionally to install :
All are overrides

General tips to place the lot
  • I recommend you to place this lot at Mirage Park in Del Sol Valley. This lot is the one of two K.I.N.O. projects. I suggest you to download both and place them at Mirage Park on double lots. Second residential part is here to download.
  • If you are using Auto Employees | Custom Lot Trait by LittleMsSam you need to set “Professional” Employees lot trait in buildmode after placing. Then visit this lot and click at live mode on any door/arch to hire the type of staff you wish. Tadaa! Stalls are working and caterer is here. This steps are forever at once. No need to repeat.
  • You can open hideout for your sims to add Goodtimers or for everyone by clicking pink door entrance and choose "open". This action forever at once. Since 26.04.19 update after you open Goodtimers Hideout to public, barmen respawning to hideout from Stage#2 Cafe. Since no cheat players have only one barmen per lot, after "open" pink door I'd prefer to delete one.

  • *6.02.19: Tmexi`s cars are not sharing. Cars were replaced by resized deco defaults. Price edited
  • 14.02.19: Lot placement screenshot added
  • 8.03.19: Game version, missed links to tech-hippie added
  • 26.04.19: Lot type changed from café to lounge. File reuploaded
  • 28.04.19: Missed violin. File reuploaded again. Sorry for incovenience.

Regards. Vic ^_^

Lot Type: Cocktail bar
Lot Features: Upcoming Hotspot lot trait
Game version:

Lot Size: 50x40
Lot Price (furnished): 403.530
Lot Price (unfurnished): unknown

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all creators mod I used and sims.fandom.com staff I used to found right names in English