Fairy Dust Community Garden with all the harvestable plants (2 versions)

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Uploaded: 5th Feb 2019 at 3:16 PM
Updated: 4th Feb 2019 at 11:13 PM
Here I give you my community garden which hosts most of the harvestable plants, trees and mushrooms from almost all expansions.
The garden is home to all the homeworld plants, except plants from gardening opportunities, like the cheese plant. That means there is plasma fruit for vampires and death flower or life fruit for any sim in need, but there isn't any omni plant.
You can also find all the foreign plants from France, China and Egypt in the garden, so your sims do not need to travel to get them. There are also frogs in the pond, plainly because I like making frog legs for my sims.

The idea of this garden is to make it easier to find all the harvestable plants in one place, so you don't need to send your sim hiking through the neighbourhood in search for those harvestables that are not sold in the store. It also eliminates the need for traveling for gardening purposes, but it isn't a short cut for the special plants that you get through special efforts.
Also there are no chrystal plants from the future, because I find them totally useless.

I give you the garden in two different versions:
  • The first one has all the plants up to Seasons and is without UL herbs and beans. It's my original version which I made while playing in Moonlight falls. Most off the plants are only planted once, but there are several, (I think 5 or 6) plasma fruit plants which I needed for my vampires.
  • The second version is made to host also the UL herbs and beans, but you can't find the forbidden fruit in it. In this version there is only one of each plant and no extra plasma fruit. Use the UL version if you prefer to have also the UL plants easily found in a Community garden.

The lot specifics:

Lot name: Fairy Dust Garden

In-game lot description: "At Fairy Dust Garden everyone is free to come and harvest the produce planted here by your friendly neighbourhood fairies. Because of their magic you can find even the most exotic fruits here and the pond is full of cute little frogs."

Lot type: Small Park

The lot includes: 2 grills, 1 picnic table, 2 outdoor dinner tables with chairs, 2 benches, full lightning, 1 toilet, 1 fairy house, 1 frog spawner, 1 fresh water spawner and harvestables listed below

Harvestables included on the lot:
  • All base game harvestables, except money tree, egg, cheese, patty, steak and omni plant
  • All foreign harvestables from WA
  • Plasma fruit from NL
  • Banana from Showtime
  • Carrot from Pets
  • All harvestables from SN
  • Pumpkin from Seasons
  • The UL version also includes all the UL herbs and beans, except the forbidden fruit
There are no ITF plants in the garden, nor any custom plants.
Also there are no harvestables from the Store.

The EP:s listed are needed for the harvestables. If you do not own some of the EP:s for harvestables, the plants will revert to other plants that you have in your game, so the lot can still be usefull to you.
However WA is used in landscaping, so it is necessary for the lot to look like it does, and there is also a fairy house from SN.


There is a frog spawner and a fresh water spawner in the pond. The lot is made to be a corner lot and should be easy to place in any corner of a neighbourhood, but if you rotate the lot while placing, the spawners will be duplicated. That means you will have a frog spawner somewhere on land, besides the one in your pond.
To fix this, you need to go into buydebug mode and delete the unnecessary spawners from the lot.
(The fix isn't needed if you do not rotate while placing the lot.)

The lot does not need any CC installed in your game to work, but it was made using Sims MX's Missing Auto Soils. If you do not use that mod the game will give you an announcement after installing the lot, stating that some of the objects were not found and was replaced. Because the lot only has plants found in the original game files, the plants will still be there on the lot and are even movable, if needed. The only difference is they are not found in debug mode, if you want to place some more special plants in the garden. For that you need Sims MX's mod found here on MTS.

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 10.995
Lot Price (unfurnished): 6.793

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Sims MX for the Missing Auto Soils mod, which was essential in making this lot.
Thanks also to QBUILDERZ for the Bigger Builder's Isle, which I used to make the UL version on and take the pictures.