"Katie" - 80s/90s Style Large Pearl/Resin Earrings

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2019 at 1:38 PM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2019 at 1:54 PM

As you typety type away on your keyboard, a harbinger of dated morals, having found yourself in a prime position as a moderator on a well known site for bored and belligerent mothers, you think back to your fashion heyday in the early 90s! Ladies lunching incognito in BHS Cafe, browsing for unique (but really mass produced) nick nacks in Past Times. The eyeshadow was blue, the blush was pink, the 80s-echo feminine power suits were jewel-tone and the oft matching earrings were chunky and often clip-on. You miss those earrings. The youth of today don't know the pain of a clip-on earring you muse, that is why they're so...you can't quite find the right word to use without risking a publicity nightmare for the site, splashed across the pages of some liberal rag and ultimately forced to resign as a moderator on your beloved site. Oh the horror! You straighten out the Cath Kidston table cloth under your laptop and delete your post.

Yeah, that just happened. These are earrings by the way. They're converted from TS4, with a little bit of hand painting, some pulling of textures from TS3 and a wish and a dream.

You don't have to go 80s/90s in these, but it does help!

Channels: 2. The metal base and the stone.
Ages: Teen to elder
Accessory type: Earring
Categories: Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Swimwear, Athletic, Career, Outwear, Makeover, Maternity, Random...sometimes we get drunk and fall asleep with our earrings in. The horror!
Base Game Compatible

Polygon Counts:
116 polys for all LODs, given they're a low count.