Nine natural hair and eyebrow colours

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Uploaded 22nd Jun 2019 at 8:06 PM · Updated 14th Dec 2020 at 12:13 AM by Georgethehatter

Update 7: Eco Lifestyle and Snowy Escape

Update 6 at last! : Added Discover University. All the other EPs and packs are on their way so that your sims'll be able to keep their new colours despite all the new hairstyles they've probably moved on to.

Sorry for the long wait!

Update 5 : Added Stuff Packs: Backyard, Vintage Glamour, Bowling Night, Fitness, Laundry Day, My First Pet and Holiday Celebration. Pack 4 contains them all merged into one file.

This mod includes recolours for all EP, game pack and stuff pack hair now except whatever hair they gave us in the latest 1-53 patch which will be next! Hope you have fun choosing hair colours freely now without having to stick to certain hair styles.

Update 4 : Added Stuff packs: Luxury Party, Perfect Patio, Cool Kitchen, Spooky Stuff, Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden and Kids Room. Pack 3 contains them all merged into one file.

Update 3 : Added Parenthood, Jungle Adventures and Strangeville.

The "Packs1BeardsIncluded" file contains the hair from Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Vampires and Parenthood as well as all the facial hair from the base game and EPS, merged into a single pack. Download either this file or the seperate files.

The "Packs2BrowsIncluded" file contains the hair from Jungle Adventures and Strangeville as well as all the eyebrows merged into a single pack. Download either this or the seperate files.

You now have recolours for all the EPs and game packs. I'll be uploading stuff packs next!

Update 2 : Added beards

Update : Added Island Living, Outdoor retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out and Vampires

Here are nine natural colours for every hair from the base game and all the EPs (that's 240 hairstyles), so a total of 2160 hairs. I am working on the packs too so I'll upload those when they're ready. Every colour has matching eyebrows (the 73 eyebrows in the game times 9 extra colours so 657 "extra" brows).

The teen to elders are swatches on existing hair in CAS. The toddlers and children however have stand alone hair due to the "changing hair bug" that still happens to CC hair for those age groups. With the stand alone hair they're ok.

There's dark brown, light brown, dark mousy, light mousy, "strawberry" (a gingery colour), gold (a gingery blonde), golden brown (a warm light brown), extreme blonde and targaryen blonde.

Please don't upload them or sell them. Other than that feel free to do whatever you like. I don't need to be credited if you use them for CC etc. Hope you enjoy them!

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