The Dreamhill by Prayproof

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Uploaded: 23rd Oct 2019 at 9:55 PM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2019 at 9:45 PM
A huge hello to everyone, like this new huge build!

The build is mostly play-tested, got a few changes after the first completion. But still, as always, If there is an issue with my builds, please let me know so I can fix them or add as an extra note to the download page.

My main project is a modern Newcrest build-up, which you can check from my profile. But for a break from that, I decided to go mad and try building on one of the largest available lots in the game. And then this thing came up

You can use some of the spaces as you desire, since I thought about multiple uses depending on one's playstyle. Therefore I mentioned these ideas in down below. I hope it can give you a "Very Inspired" moodlet

Gets plenty natural light from glass walls, skylight roof. Almost all spaces are open here.
Guest bedroom & bathroom: Double bed, has interior access to one common bathroom.
>This room could be used as butler's room, or an enclosed fitness/hobby room.
Kitchen & dining area: On the right wing, open space, big island with a bar, has a door to the backyard.
Grand living room: Open spacious area, having the common bathroom in it.
Common bathroom
Office & living area: On the other side of living area, has another access to the backyard.
>This room could be decorated as a studio for a photographer sim. This space takes a lot of natural light in.
Has two parts, seperated with easy three-steps stairs.
Left wing backyard: Huge space consisting another living quarters, an outdoor barbecue kitchen with a bar, and a leisure room.
Leisure room: This room is my favourite. Has a "bubble machine", for leisure. (you know what I mean)
Right wing backyard: Accessable from kitchen, has a full glass pool with no fences.
Accessed with double stairs right in front of the main entrance. Consists two bedrooms.
Bedroom & half bathroom: Double bed, and a tiny half bathroom (no shower), plenty of natural light.
>This room can be used as kid's room, or teen's room.
Master suite: Double bed, private balcony, clothing room, private bathroom with laundry.

Greenhouse: A workplace in backyard entrance and main planting space. Expensive short plants in single rows looks really beautiful
>>Don't forget to turn on <bb.moveobjects> before you place the lot.
>>This is designed as a filthy-rich home a.k.a. celebrity home. So the lot MUST be placed on Cheateu Peak - Del Sol Valley, otherwise the backyard can be completely weird.
>>NO CUSTOM CONTENT (The build is CC free!)
>>While playtesting this, I had to change backyard stair connections to this state because I used many different heights in the build. Now there is no issue, as all parts are accesible from each other.
>>There is an open space in front of the guest bedroom, marked with triple rugs. I tried to create a seperate room for office & fitness room but it seemed to take away the "open" look and the symmetry of main hall.
>>As mentioned above, few of the spaces can be re-designed depending on your gameplay requirements.

>>>>>Please kindly consider giving negative/positive feedback

Here is a screenshot from live mode, in the "leisure" room;

Happy simming!

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 301728
Lot Price (unfurnished): 180322