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Leaves Velvet - MAXIS Recolour

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Uploaded: 30th Dec 2019 at 2:32 PM
These are new repaints of upholstered furniture from IKEA - EKTROP, curtains - Loft, floor lamps - Quaint.
Exquisite pattern of velvet leaves and stripes will make your furniture more comfortable, beautiful and pleasant in the interior. And in addition to furniture, you have curtains and a floor lamp in the same style to decorate the living room.

Cushioned furniture are not base game compatible, IKEA Home Stuff Pack is required!
Curtains and floor lamp from the base game.

- Sofa Loveseat - Ektorp is the MASTER-mesh for Armchair - Ektorp
- Curtains Loft Two Tile is the MASTER-mesh for Curtains Loft Short
(recolors done only for the MASTER-mesh, they work and SLAVE-objects)

1 EKTROP Three Seater Sofa:
Buy Mode > Comfort > Sofas & Loveseats. Price: ?660.
2 EKTROP Two Seater Sofa:
Buy Mode > Comfort > Sofas & Loveseats. Price: ?630.
3 EKTROP Armchair:
Buy Mode > Comfort > Living Chairs. Price: ?460.
4 Curtains - Loft Two Tile
Buy Mode > Decorative > Curtains. Price: ?195.
5 Curtains - Loft Short
Buy Mode > Decorative > Curtains. Price: ?170.
6 Lamp - Floor - Quaint
Buy Mode > Lighting > Floor Lamp. Price: ?10.

Textures and images Credits:
To create fabric, I used these textures - site u-mebel.ru
1 http://www.u-mebel.ru/upload/iblock/tkani/54142200.jpg
2 http://www.u-mebel.ru/upload/iblock/tkani/21614236.jpg
3 http://www.u-mebel.ru/upload/iblock/tkani/74898376.jpg
4 http://www.u-mebel.ru/upload/iblock/tkani/18559210.jpg
5 http://www.u-mebel.ru/upload/iblock/tkani/27991205.jpg
6 http://www.u-mebel.ru/upload/iblock/tkani/35157782.jpg
7 http://www.u-mebel.ru/upload/iblock/tkani/94169771.jpg

Additional Credits:
Adobe Photoshop CS6,