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Laundry Day Appliances as Decor!

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Uploaded: 3rd Feb 2020 at 5:14 PM
Updated: 1st Oct 2022 at 9:13 AM - Updated tags on objects.
My First Tuning MOD!
Hello fellow simmers I have for you my first tuning mod! Yay! :D

10/1/22 Check out my new Decor Fireplaces on my Tumblr!
2/27/20 Updated! Pleas re-download!
I noticed there were still clothing piles while changing with no hampers, I have fixed that issue now
Added a second version of the hampers where they are not functional at all (They will not receive laundry)

I know there are meshes out there for decorative washers and dryers by other creators
but this one is the EA original appliances from Laundry Day Stuff.
This pack features new items added to the catalog no overrides this will not effect the originals!
You have the option in the rar file to download each one by themselves or...
File named Appliances-Decor will contain all washing and drying objects.
File named Hampers-V1 or V2 will contain hampers only. (You can download both if you wish.)

The items that have been tuned are:
Fryer Dryer
Green Clean Washing Machine
Ole Timmy's Wash Tub
Model T Clothesline
Wicker Whims Hamper
Feelin' Fabric Hamper
Laundry Maid Hamper

Version 1 laundry hampers are still functional they still receive clothing you just don't have the option to do laundry.
Version 2 laundry hampers are not functional.
Most of the items are viewable when selected except dryer and washing machine they are acknowledged as accent tables.

The Hampers can be found in Bathroom Accents
The Washer/Dryer can be found in Accent Tables
The Wash Tub and Clothesline along with Washer/Dryer can be found in Decorations Misc

You will need Laundry Day Stuff for this to work.
Pleas let me know if there is anything wrong with this I have tested it in my game and it does work.
I hope you all enjoy this mod and thanks for checking it out!


Additional Credits:
YouTube Video: BakieGaming: How to's on tuning
EA: Meshes & Textures
Photo editor: Photoshop
Program: Sims4Studio