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No Romantic Swirl.

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2020 at 8:32 PM
This mod turns the romantic swirl interaction into a friendly interaction and makes it so that two sims who are friends won't fall in love with each other after the interaction is initiated. The reason I created this mod is because I have two sims who are best friends and the swirl interaction changes their friendship and makes them in love with each other so I decided to create and share this mod in case this bothers somebody else. This mod removes the love flag on the swirl interaction so that it's a friendly interaction that boosts their relationship points up.

Pirouette - Set Relationship Delta
Group 0x7F011198 Instance 0x0000202F

Additional Credits:
I would like to thank SimPE and Midge The Tree for helping me out once again with creating this mod.