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Insects Sanity (updated 1 JUN '20)

by Nopke Posted 25th May 2020 at 8:50 PM - Updated 3rd Sep 2020 at 2:28 PM by Nopke : links
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This is a bunch of mods that make insects sensitive to weather and environment, and make insect-related interactions more reasonable.

If you have my pre-released mods from the Better Insects Logic series, delete them first.

Update (1 Jun 2020): Fixed a bug that prevented residents of dormitories from catching bugs, butter- and fireflies. Please redownload simNopke-insectsSanity-bugsHunting and simNopke-insectsSanity-butterAndFireflies.
Terms and symbols used later in the description.
Weather conditions:
  • W: it's winter,
  • T0: the temperature is below 0*,
  • T1: the temperature is below -15*,
  • P0: it's snowing, hailing, or raining on the insects,
  • P1: it's snowing, hailing, or heavily or torrentially raining on the insects,
  • A0: there's any precipitation accumulation under the insects,
  • A1: there's snow accumulation under the insects.
Autonomous hunting conditions:
  • Sim is on a hobby lot, a non-business community lot, or on a lot they live on,
  • in case they're a vampire, it's night or insects are in a closed room.
* In the game, 0 is the most comfortable temperature for Sims, -30 is the temperature of thaw.

Core mod
The main file containing a global function that checks weather conditions. Every other mod from this bunch requires this mod.

Bugs hunting mod
  • makes Sims unable to hunt bugs when their bug collection is complete, or when at least one of the following weather conditions is met: W, T1, P0, A0;
  • allows Sims to hunt bugs autonomously only when all of the autonomous hunting conditions are met and their nature enthusiasm is at least 6 points or their predistinated hobby is nature, in addition to the previously mentioned conditions;
  • fixes the icon of the autonomous hunting interaction, it was binoculars originally;
  • makes the interaction chased by bees not clear the interaction queue of a Sim who's been hunting bugs.
Requires the core mod, Seasons and FreeTime.
Additionally, I highly recommend Bug Collection Fix by Cyjon to be able to catch every bug.

Butter- and fireflies mod
  • makes butter- and fireflies not appear or fly away when at least one of the following weather conditions is met: W, T0 (for butterflies) or T1 (for fireflies), P0, A0;
  • allows butter- and fireflies to fly away after interacting with them: 25% chance after chasing or failing to catch them, 100% chance after successful catching;
  • makes the lifespan of butter- and fireflies swarm random: from 1 to 5 hours. Originally, their lifespan was always 4 hours;
  • allows Sims to catch butter- and fireflies autonomously only when all of the autonomous hunting conditions are met, and when they're children or have at least 8 points of playfulness;
  • makes Sims' willingness to catch butter- and fireflies increase with their enthusiasm for nature.
Requires the core mod and Seasons.
You can change the chances and the lifespan by editing the behavior constant from this file in SimPe.
Additionally, I recommend my No Jars Leaving mod to prevent unselectable Sims from leaving jars with butter- and fireflies on lots.

Butter- and fireflies spawning mod
  • prevents butter- and fireflies from spawning when at least one of the following weather conditions is met: W, T0 (for butterflies) or T1 (for fireflies), P0, A0;
  • allows up to 5 swarms of butter- or fireflies to be on a lot at the same time, there could be only one swarm originally;
  • makes the probability of spawning (once an hour) a swarm of butter- or fireflies depend not only on the current season but also on the plants outside, and on the number of currently flying swarms:
    • The base probabilities of spawning butterflies are: 15% in Spring, 10% in Summer, 0% in Fall; of spawning fireflies: 10% in Spring, 15% in Summer, 0% in Fall. The original chances were 20% – 10% – 5% for butterflies, and 10% – 20% – 5% for fireflies.
    • Every swarm of butter- or fireflies on the lot decreases the probability by 6 percent points.
    • The probability is increased by 5 p.p. if there is at least one tree, shrub, or alive flowerbed on the lot.
    • Every shrub outside increases the probability by 2 p.p., every tree – by 1 p.p., every blooming flowerbed – by 3 p.p., every not-blooming but alive flowerbed – by 1 p.p.
Requires the core mod and Seasons.
You can change the chances by editing the behavior constants from this file in SimPe.

Hiking mod
  • makes Sims being on a hike unable to catch bugs or be chased by bees when at least one of the following weather conditions is met: W, T1, P0, A0.
Requires the core mod, Seasons and FreeTime.

Ladybugs mod
  • allows ladybugs (from a ladybug house named Lovely LadyBug Loft) to fly only between 7 AM and 7 PM;
  • prevents ladybugs from flying when at least one of the following weather conditions is met: W, T0, P0, A1.
Requires the core mod and Seasons.

Roaches mod
  • makes roaches outside die when at least one of the following weather conditions is met: T1, P1, A1;
  • prevents roaches from spawning (e.g. under a pile of trash) outside under the above conditions;
  • makes dead roaches under deep snow disappear just like leaves do.
Requires the core mod and Seasons.

  • Anti Fly Catching by Pescado conflicts with simNopke-insectsSanity-bugsHunting and simNopke-insectsSanity-butterAndFireflies. They can work together as long as my mods load after Pescado's. The insect-related features of Pescado's mod will be replaced with features of my mods, but the birdwatching autonomy changes will be preserved. In case you're also using a mod changing autonomy of birdwatching (eg. Sensible Birdwatching), keep in mind Anti Fly Catching becomes useless.
  • Anti Garden Lag by Pescado conflicts with simNopke-insectsSanity-ladybugs. Do not use them together. In case flying ladybugs and pests cause lags in your game, use Pescado's mod instead of mine.
  • Bug Hunt No Queue Stomp by Pescado is incorporated in simNopke-insectsSanity-bugsHunting. Do not use them together.
  • More Frequent Capturable Bugs by joninmobile conflicts with simNopke-insectsSanity-butterAndFirefliesSpawning. Do not use them together.
  • Sensible Ladybug Swarms by jfade conflicts with simNopke-insectsSanity-ladybugs. Do not use them together.
Mods from this bunch do not conflict with any default replacement textures of insects. They're also unlikely to conflict with mods that change chances of catching insects.

Overriden resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Interaction - Bug Hunt AutonomousBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F01EC290x0000251F0x00000000
Interaction - Bug Hunt Autonomous - TESTBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F01EC290x0000252E0x00000000
Interaction - Hunt BugsBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F93FBA30x000010050x00000000
Interaction - Hunt Bugs - TESTBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F1F956A0x0000108C0x00000000
Function - MainBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FF5C46C0x000010060x00000000
Interaction - CatchBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FF5C46C0x000010010x00000000
Interaction - Catch TestBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FF5C46C0x000010000x00000000
Interaction - Chase FliesBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FF5C46C0x0000100A0x00000000
Sub - Set Down JarBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FF5C46C0x000010050x00000000
Spawn Flies?Behaviour Function0x424841560x7F18F0830x000010020x00000000
Tuning - Spawn ButterfliesBehaviour Constant0x42434F4E0x7F18F0830x000010010x00000000
Tuning - Spawn FirefliesBehaviour Constant0x42434F4E0x7F18F0830x000010000x00000000
Sub - Chance Cards - DetermineBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F45ED000x0000100D0x00000000
Object Functions0x4F424A660x7F8841AE0x000041A70x00000000
Function - MainBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F8841AE0x000010010x00000000
Function - MainBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FEC21400x000020000x00000000
Sub - Create CockroachesBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FD0658A0x0000100D0x00000000
New resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Tuning - OverridesBehaviour Constant0x42434F4E0x7FF5C46C0x000010050x00000000
Tuning - OverridesBehaviour Constant Labels0x5452434E0x7FF5C46C0x000010050x00000000
Tuning - Spawn ButterfliesBehaviour Constant Labels0x5452434E0x7F18F0830x000010010x00000000
Tuning - Spawn FirefliesBehaviour Constant Labels0x5452434E0x7F18F0830x000010000x00000000
Insects - Awake?Behaviour Function0x424841560x7FD46CD00x000007820x00000000
Insects - Awake?Edith Simantics Behaviour Labels0x545052500x7FD46CD00x000007820x00000000
Sub - Should Ladybugs Fly?Behaviour Function0x424841560x7F8841AE0x000010020x00000000
Sub - Should Ladybugs Fly?Edith Simantics Behaviour Labels0x545052500x7F8841AE0x000010020x00000000
Function - LoadBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F8841AE0x000010030x00000000
jfade (The Compressorizer!)
Creators of SimPe

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