Breakfast Mini Frittatas

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Uploaded: 24th Jun 2020 at 3:07 PM
Hello hello! It has been a while (okay, a long while) but I finally got the 'creating custom food' itch again and wanted to share with you a new Breakfast Dish! Breakfast, in my humble opinion, is the most glorious meal of the day and is often neglected in my game as I get bored of my options. Thus, the 'Breakfast Mini Frittata' was born! I recolored AriesFlare's 'AFr29_MartabakMinis ' mesh to make it.

What is it? The dish is essentially an egg muffin with various peppers, pecans, and cheese (although you can really add anything) to provide a protein-packed punch in the morning. It is similar to an omelette.

Where to Find Dish: This dish is offered only during Breakfast so you'll have to hurry your sleepy sims to the fridge! If you have the OFB expansion pack, you'll also find it under the "Make/Make Many..." tab.

Cooking/Serving Details: Your sim with prepare, mix, and fry up the frittatas. It is a recolor of AriesFlare's Martabak Minis and serves 12 sims (they're mini!). It will require the same amount of cooking skill as pancakes, roughly around 300.

Polycount (as originally posted by AriesFlare)

Prep bowl-36
From Fridge-488
In plate-598

Guids: I used SimPe's Hash generator to create two random guids. Hopefully they will not conflict with anything.
0x00BADB58 BreakfastBites1Menu-ILWR
0x00BADB59 BreakfastBites1-ILWR

Additional Credits:
Design: A lot of the texture were from AriesFlare's original creation (crust, flour, etc.) but I used spinach leaves from posted by George Hodan for free usage. The main texture photo used for the frittatas was taken by my mother about a year ago.

Technical: A HUGE thanks to SimPE.78, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, FRAPS (Screenshots), Nvidia DDS Utilities (SimPE work), Mod The Sims, the awesome AriesFlare for the original mesh, and the extremely helpful thread originally posted by Jasana_BugBreeder with tons of information about creating custom foods.

I could not have done this without all of their hard work before me.