Rule Britannia Set

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Uploaded: 14th Aug 2020 at 7:23 PM
Updated: 19th Aug 2020 at 11:28 PM
I have felt lately that there is not enough male rococo outfits out there. It feels mostly dominated with female outfits right now so I decided to upload a full male set. These where mostly inspired from various Assassin's creed games. This set consists of some military, royal and civilian clothes recoloured and re textured.

SSTS has kindly given me permission to recolour and upload some of their creations and post them here. I recoloured some of these outfits previously only now they have depth to them with more texture details and the option to add your own shoes. Also one of the original mesh used was conerted from the sims 3 by http://historicalsimslife.blogspot....ion-outfit.html

Also there is a full recolour of a sims 3 mesh converted by hisorical sims life >> Oringinal Mesh >>> https://strangestorytellersims.tumb...-elder-fullbody

There are 13 outfits in this set with various recolours to each one plus a Sash with 9 swatches. Hopefully the history buffs out there will enjoy adding this to their games and play around with history.

All of the clothes can be found in the male full body outfit category for teenagers, young adults, adults and elders. The sash is located in the ring accessory section for males.

The boots, hats and rifle shown in the pictures are from various other CC creators and not my own so I have not shared them here.

This is the first of upcoming sets I am working on.

I'm also open to requests and suggestions for other recolours to help suit your game.

Hope you enjoy

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